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 Nashville, TN – World of Beer to continue growing in TN, AL, IN and FL. World of beer
 American Development Partners is pleased to announce the development plans of World of Beer  throughout the South East by capitalizing on American Development Partners Infinity Funding Program.
In 2007, best friends Scott Zepp and Matt LaFon were enjoying a couple of craft beers and talking about the future. Their conversation resulted in the decision to start a business together that involved something they both loved and was also a ton of fun. Their inspiration was the beer—and World of Beer was born. The original location began as a retail store and evolved into a neighborhood beer tavern when the founders realized that customers were pausing for some “beer talk” and looking for a place to sit and meet new friends. What they discovered is that they weren’t just selling beer, but an experience and natural connection for beer drinkers. This insight led to the opening of the first World of Beer in Westchase in Tampa, Florida, featuring 500 of the world’s greatest craft beers. World of Beer quickly became the place for craft beer, fun, live music, entertainment, and good times with friends. The template for growth had been established.
In 2010, Ben Novello and Jim Pollard brought their expertise to the team and stepped up the pace for growth. The team recognized that the challenge was how to grow while staying true to World of Beer culture. In 2013, we raised the bar by introducing spirits and food as good as our beer, fun, hospitality and entertainment.
When you walk into World of Beer…it’s important to us that you to feel at home. It’s about the complete experience. Find great conversation, drink the best craft beers, hear good music, and cheer on your favorite sports team. It’s where nothing but good things happen. This place is your neighborhood, and we’re happy to bring so many great people together, day after day. So kick back, get comfortable and enjoy your favorite brew. Everyone’s welcome…and you never know who you might meet!
Wayne Framer and Frank Hudson, the owners of the WOB who received the funding have spent the last 25 years as entrepreneurs who have owned and operated businesses across the country.  Farmer says “Working with American Development Partners has been incredible. The process has been simple, very fast and very professional. The Infinity Funding Program will allow me to build another 10 World of Beers over the next few years”.
American Development Partners real estate division and Mr. Farmer are working closely to identify their next three locations. Farmer states “American Development Partners is constantly working to present new sites. I get new locations with pictures, demographics and site information daily. Having them on my team is like having access to an expert on all things concerning growth and franchising. They are more than just financing and construction, they offer full support service, and that makes American Development Partners stand out above the rest”
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