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What Makes Us Unique?

At Romp n’ Roll, we offer a wide range of activities (i.e.; music, movement, art, dance, cooking, science, sports, and more) to a narrow range of ages (3 months through 5 years). This focus allows us to be THE place for parents to bring their children for classes, and they are sure to find something their child will love because the variety we offer.

Our approach also allows us to build facilities that are unmistakably designed for our target market. It also allows us to hire and train staff that has a passion for young children.

Once enrolled, parents find our membership program to be unique and customer-centric. Our franchise owners enjoy a recurring revenue stream since our memberships are auto-renewing month-to-month until the parent decides to pause or end their membership. Operationally, it allows us to focus on retention and new member acquisition.

Finally, our membership model provides the most flexibility in the industry. Most of our centers offer unlimited monthly visits on whatever schedule the parent chooses. Our competitors allow children to attend one class per week, always at the same day and time. Today’s busy parents appreciate the flexibility and value of our membership program.

What’s In It For You?

  • Investment in yourself
  • You help bring joy to your customers by bringing joy to their family
  • You serve your community through fundraisers and events
  • You have the opportunity to create an asset

Our Business Case!

  • Recurring Revenue
  • Minimal Inventory
  • No Receivables
  • Part-Time Staff
  • Favorable Demographics and Economics
  • Low Investment


A Team Approach: At our home office in Richmond, VA, you will find the Romp n’ Roll Franchise Support Center, where a team of passionate professionals is dedicated to offering franchise owners one of the best quality experiences as a business owner. Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Executive, tenured team leadership
  • A detailed system built on best practices from 10+ years of Romp n’ Roll operations.
  • Dedicated team members to outline and assist in every step of the process of new franchise ownership from discovery and business plan, to financing, lease signing, and grand opening.
  • Comprehensive training and on-going support that is focused on accessibility, communication, and education to assist our franchise owners in profitability and overall success as a franchise owner.
  • A business model that help you, as the business owner, to achieve your goals while providing services and products to your community that foster a life-long passion for learning.

Romp n' Roll Owner Profile

If you put our franchise owners in a room together you would meet a wide variety of personalities with vastly different backgrounds and business experience. So how do you know if this business is good for you?

Common Traits of Our Franchise Owners

1. Good People Manager: As a Romp n’ Roll franchise owner, much of your success will depend on how well you hire, train, and retain your staff. We are a people business so teaching your team how to engage with children and their parents to enhance sales will directly affect your bottom line.

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: You should be seeking an opportunity which provides independence, flexibility, and leadership, and are driven to provide a quality lifestyle for yourself and your family.

3. Networker: Romp n’ Roll owners are good networkers and get the business involved in the community by partnering with other local businesses, mom’s clubs, and charitable events.

4. Multi-tasker: Our centers are busy and owners should be able to be comfortable switching hats frequently throughout the day and sometimes even wearing more than one hat at a time!

5. Education background? The easy answer is no. Should you enjoy children and have a strong interest in early education? Yes!

6. Passion: Passion for your Romp n’ Roll business is what will help you be successful. Your staff will feed off of this passion and so will your members.

7. People Skills: Romp n’ Roll is a “people” business. You must be able to hire, train, and retain a top-notch staff to bring the Romp n’ Roll curriculum to life. You must also possess excellent customer service skills to delight parents and their children on each and every visit to your Romp n’ Roll center.

So Why Go To Work When You Can Play?

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Get Free Information about this great opportunity!

Detailed Information

Year Founded: 2004

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Initial Investment: $177,100 to $256,750

Liquid Capital: $80,000

Support and Training:Yes

Home Based: No

Financing Available: 3rd Party

No of Operating Units: 70

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