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Selling a Franchise

At BizHubNow, we offer you a competent platform that truly showcases your franchise and offers buyers an in-depth look at all it has to offer. We provide you with a way to sell your franchise with packages as low as $295 for unlimited number of leads per month.

Our goal is to assist you in selling as quickly as possible while helping you to avoid any potential mistakes. Selling a franchise has its own unique challenges compared to selling a regular business.

While your franchise benefits from name recognition and a proven customer following, there are still some important points to consider when you put your franchise up for sale.

One big selling point for your franchise is the fact that your business comes with a lot of assistance and support that a regular business doesn't. Normally when a business is sold, quite a bit of information about the business goes away with the owner. With a franchise, the buyer will receive business manuals, marketing and management training from the franchisor.

The down side is that most entrepreneurs won't want to be held to the restrictions imposed on them by the franchisor. A franchisor has the power to control how the business is run, goods and services sold and marketing as well. This translates into fewer potential buyers for the business, which may further delay the process.

In addition, there can be a significant amount of fees when it comes to the transfer of a franchise from one person to another. A franchisor may require a transfer fee amounting to thousands of dollars in order for the transfer to take place. The buyer will also be required to go through a lengthy approval process for the transfer can take place.

Another factor to consider when selling is your competition. The franchisor is also looking to attract buyers for their franchise and they have the financing to reach a wider market. Some buyers may also like the idea of starting fresh instead of inheriting a business already in existence. is here to help you sort through all of the steps required to sell your franchise. In addition to providing you with a way to view leads targeted to your specific franchise, we also have articles and tips from leading experts that can help to guide you through the process.

Do You Need to Sell a Franchise?

If you have a franchise to sell in New York, Florida or Georgia, offers you a way to capture quality leads for your sale. We gather detailed information regarding your franchise business and use it to match you with qualified buyers.

Advertise your franchise for sale with us and find prospective franchise buyers who are already looking for affordable opportunities and information. Add your franchise to our listings now!

If you have questions or need more information about selling your franchise, contact us today.